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One Word Commands

by Vanessa White

If you are like most people that own a dog, we tend to talk to them in sentences and not one word commands. Well I have to say, I?ve never had success with sentences.

Now I am not a dog trainer, but I have read a book or two on the subject and I?ve applied much of the information with our own little Lexy. Lexy is a 7 year old, 12 lb. Bichon Frise and the love and joy of our life.

Without good one word commands, how will our furry friends know what we want. Using one word commands sets you as the leader of the pack. Every book I?ve read says that?s the way our dogs deal with life socially ? there is always a leader and if you don?t take control, they will.

When I want Lexy to heel when we walk, I say heel and then move. If she doesn?t heel, I stop and set her back at my right heel and do it again. If I want her to stay, that is the only word I say. If she doesn?t obey, then I set her back on the spot and say it again. When she gets it, I praise her and she then wants to do what I ask and looks forward to our sessions. If you want your dog to listen, you need to practice so they get good at your commands.

The list of words I use are heal, stay, come, down and believe it or not OPEN! Lexy, when asked to open, will open her mouth and let us touch and look at her teeth. She even does it on her own to get our attention. She likes the reaction she gets when she does it on her own because it will get us laughing and she knows it.

Be patient, stay the course and use the one word command method. Enjoy your dog as much as we do ours!

This article was written by Vicki White along with the help of her husband Ken who both have a love for dogs and animals. You can visit their websites at, or where you will find articles and tips on all your pet needs.

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