Orphan Puppies How to Take Care of Them Part 1

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Orphan Puppies How to Take Care of Them Part 1

by Karen Gomez

The answer is a big yes! Absolutely but painfully. Painful in the sense that it will take more effort and more patience to make it possible. Thinking of all the days I've spent doing this made my tears flow down my face. Tears of feeling the pain and hard work I did and the things I gave up. Tears of feeling how proud I am of myself to have a helpless puppy survived.

Having an orphaned puppy for you to take care of, would mean having a big responsibility. It's like having a life on your hands. It's all up to you if the puppy will survive or not. So much time, effort and patience will be given. So much money to give in and spend. So much sacrifices and things to be given up. All these and more!

Part of these include sleeping for just two to three hours a day, skipping meals if needed, not having the things you want for yourself because of being broke for having to spend all your money with formula milk and other things the puppy needs and also, possibly skipping parties and other social affairs for not having time to go out anymore.

But the happy part is when you see that the puppy grows and weighs heavier each day. You will then be inspired to do these things just to take care of your pup. As days pass by, you will feel accomplished and worthy of yourself. You will gain more confidence and will be more positive with the way you view life itself. And the biggest part is when you finally bring the puppy to the vet for a check-up. The vet will then be overwhelmed and say: "What a beautiful puppy! You've done a great job!"

And, yes, you did! You may actually ask yourself how did you do it but realizing that you made it is such a big feeling you would never ever forget.

I'll be submitting articles on how to, step-by-step, take care of an orphaned puppy in the next few weeks hoping that each and every article could help somebody out there.

Karen loves dogs and loves to play and be with them more than with her friends. She has been an internet marketer for almost a year now. You can check out her website at http://tinyurl.com/2mx3e3 and her blog about internet marketing at http://tinyurl.com/2ujona and more of her dogs at http://tinyurl.com/2v9ekg

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