Orphan Puppies How to Take Care of Them Part 2

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Orphan Puppies How to Take Care of Them Part 2

by Karen Gomez

To start with, let me tell you that this is not gonna be that hard but not that easy also. Raising orphaned puppies is a very serious responsibility that requires money, time and a lot of work. It is however, very rewarding and fulfilling.

Puppies are usually being orphaned when the mother is not able to take care of them as she may not be able to produce milk or simply because of her behavioral or psychological abnormalities. There are also some instances that the mother dies after delivering the puppies. But whatever the case is, it is very possible for them to be successfully hand raise from birth.

First, you need to know what requires to have them be successfully raised. Proper or scheduled feedings, elimination, playing and sleeping are the basics. These should be in a safe and healthy environment. Some of the things to be considered are sanitation, nutrition and weaning, temperature and humidity, health and prevention of diseases, and nurture and socialization.

Proper sanitation is an absolute need to help your puppies survived. They should have a living space with an environment that is like they were being taken care of by their mother. A place that is soft, warm and far away from sunlight. A box that is large enough for a first home of the litter which is warm and sheltered would do. You can put some clean newspaper for the first week or so. Do not use soft cloth as they can caught up in it and can die if they can't breathe. After a week or two, when they can be able to lift their heads and move around, sheets, blankets and soft cloths can be used.

It is also a basic to wash and sanitize your hands before touching the puppies as they are very vulnerable to disease so prevention is very much needed around the clock.

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