Orphan Puppies How To Take Care of Them Part 3

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Orphan Puppies How To Take Care of Them Part 3

by Karen Gomez

As mentioned in my previous article, proper sanitation is very much needed. That is why it is advisable to wash your hands before touching them. It is recommended to change your clothes, too especially if you touch other dogs or animals.

Newborn puppies are unable to urinate or eliminate or have a bowel on their own for the first two weeks of life. They must be stimulated which is normally performed by the mother by licking their anal and genital areas. In the absence of their mother, you will have to provide this stimulation to each and every puppy. This should be done after each and every feeding and can be done by using a cotton ball or a piece of a very soft towel. Moisten it with warm water or baby oil and gently rub the anal and genital area. Within one to two minutes the puppy will urinate and/or defecate. Although, some puppies will respond better before eating, you might wanna try both times to make sure and to keep them healthy.

This stimulation should be done until their bladder and bowel muscles are strong enough to do it on their own, which is usually by 21 days of age. I sincerely advise that you keep a record of each puppy's urination and defecation. This would help you monitor their health. Observe the urine and feces for signs of ill health and abnormalities. The urine should be a pale yellow but clear. If it is dark yellow or orange, you need to feed the puppies more as this means they are not fed enough. Do not feed them more at one time but feed them more often. They should not be fed too much but more often is fine, because too much food can cause bloating, gas, regurgitation and maybe worse aspiration into the lungs.

I will discuss more on feeding and nutrition on my next article.

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