Osteoarthritis In Dogs Can Duralactin And Similar Products Really Help

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Osteoarthritis In Dogs Can Duralactin And Similar Products Really Help

by Cat Archer

Arthritis (also called Osteoarthritis) in dogs is a chronic, painful disease, and it is notoriously a very difficult disease to manage. It is a debilitating condition, which is typically marked by painful joint inflammation.

Unfortunately arthritis is just about as common in dogs as it is in people, and it actually affects approximately one in five adult dogs, whereas one in six people are affected with arthritis. It is one of the most common sources of chronic pain that vets are called on to treat, and is definitely one of the more common health problems that a vet will come across during their surgeries.

Dogs just like humans, can develop arthritis as they get older, and treating arthritis in dogs is very similar to treating humans. Although diagnosing arthritis in dogs can be hard, as dogs are not able to convey how they feel to us, and the early signs are not easy to detect. These are some of the more common signs that can give you an indication that your dog could be suffering from osteoarthritis:-

? Has he stopped showing signs of excitement at going for a walk?

? Does he seem to have trouble in getting up after lying down?

? Is he limping?

? Does he have trouble jumping into the car?

Any or all of these can indicate that your dog is suffering with osteoarthritis.

A full diagnosis of arthritis would normally involve a visit to your local veterinarian, who will generally give your dog a thorough physical examination, and x-rays to enable confirmation of the diagnosis to be made.

The most common form of arthritis in dogs is osteoarthritis, which causes the inflammation of a joint or joints. As arthritis in dogs is as painful to them as it is to us, it needs to be treated. This is really about reducing the inflammation of the joints, which will in turn ease the pain that the dog feels. The last thing that we as dog owners want is to see our pets suffer in any way, so trying a nutritional supplement such as Duralactin could well be worth a shot. After all, no-one wants to see their ?best friend? in pain or discomfort. You often find that something simple like this can give your dog a new lease of life.

If you think your dog could be showing signs and symptoms of osteoarthritis then please take him or her to your local veterinary, or try him or her on an anti inflammatory product to ease the symptoms and discomfort that your dog feels.

If you think that your dog could be suffering with osteoarthritis then take a look at how low cost Duralactin really is. Surely the welfare of your dog is worth such a small investment? For more information about Duralactin and how it can help your dog to live his life to the full please visit http://www.duralactinreview.com

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