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Overdoing Dog Clothes

by Grant Carroll

These days, more and more pet lovers are buying wardrobes for their furry children that rival their own closet, and I admit we are some of those people. Our three Chihuahuas have a collection of coats, sweaters and shirts to rival any other pampered dog on our block. We don?t just do it all for fun, though. When Jack Frost decides to visit every fall and winter, dog clothing goes from being an accessory to a necessity. Dog paws, for instance, are not meant to walk on rock salt and other chemicals used to melt ice on the pavement, so dog booties are a great way to protect them. Also, dog sweaters and coats accomplish much more than just make pooches look adorable; they can keep a dog?s body warm and dry when they go outside. They also help small dogs in warmer climates that stay inside very air conditioned houses. It?s not just winter weather that?s dangerous, either. Cold, hard rain can be just as tough for a dog to deal with as snow. Having the right small dog clothes is an important step in keeping your little one safe and warm through the cold season and comfy all year.

Dog clothes may be cute and useful, but like many things in life it is possible to have too much of a good thing. If they need to be wearing a coat or sweater or if there is a party that needs a good costume, that?s fine, but overdoing it can actually cause more harm than good. If, for example, someone made their dog wear coats and booties excessively, then the poor animal would face hyperthermia in warm environments and the paws could become weakened and soft. Hats are popular items, and sure they?re adorable when comes time to get a pet photo with Santa, but I would be a very unpopular dad among my little guys if I made them wear hats on their heads every day. Most pet owners obviously don?t intend to harm their babies in any way, but because their pets are in fact their babies, they forget that sometimes dogs just need to be dogs. The key to solving the problem is to find a balance. Dogs do love the attention they get when dressed up, so it?s not as if an owner needs to abandon the idea altogether. Just give a dog plenty of time to feel natural.

Grant Carroll is a very proud daddy of three Chihuahuas and a Lab and co-owner of http://www.littlepamperedpets.com with some adorable Pet Apparel.

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