Owning a Dog on a Budget

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Owning a Dog on a Budget

by Randy Jones

Owning a dog involves expenses that cannot be ignored: purchase or adoption expenses, equipment and grooming, and veterinary fees. The cost of a three month old pure bred puppy, for instance, does not depend on its size but on its breed. Your initial outlay can be quite large; it depends on the place of sale and the quality of the dog.

As for equipment, (collar, leash, and so forth) prices vary with the size of the dog, the sophistication of the equipment, and the materials used. Differences between minimum and maximum costs can be considerable. Nonetheless once bought, many of these items will last the dog?s lifetime.

Apart from the collar and leash, other essentials include: case for carrying small breeds on public transportation; indoor bed or basket; food and water dishes; grooming equipment (single comb and rubber gloves for short haired dogs, brush and durable comb for long ? haired dogs). Certain breeds require special grooming and should be professionally groomed at least four times a year.

In addition to the above, there are daily food costs which naturally, rise in proportion to the size of the dog. Veterinary expenses are difficult to anticipate since they depend on the animal?s basic health. However, there are some that are definite. For instance, a puppy should be examined by a specialist once a month for the first six months.

Most small dogs or toy breeds require dental attention twice a year. Then there are the optional operations of neutering or spaying. Cosmetic surgery, which is essential for certain breeds of show dogs, may include ear ? cropping or tail docking, and sometimes both, in certain countries. Buying or adopting a dog is a serious step and you should never act on impulse or be swayed by pity. Before acquiring a dog, always make sure you obtain every available guarantee in writing.

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