Paper Training A Dog 10 Practical Tips

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Paper Training A Dog 10 Practical Tips

by Tim Lee

Having a pet dog is one great joy that many people share. Dogs make great guards and companions to have at home. But being a dog owner is great responsibility. You have to provide the dog a lot of things, food, shelter, exercise, toys, among many others. One of the most dreaded responsibilities of a dog owner is potty training.

However, this is not really a difficult ordeal with the various techniques invented by pet owners in teaching dogs how to eliminate properly. One great, time-tested technique is paper training.

Here are some tips for paper training a dog:

1. Spread newspapers over your dog's living space. Use old newspapers - you would not want to soil papers you have not even read yet. Watch the dog carefully and as soon as you notice it to whimper, sniffing the ground and running in circles, bring the dog immediately the spot where you want it to do its business. When the dog goes potty in the right newspaper-covered spot, praise it lavishly, before removing the soiled paper.

2. Leave a small piece of soiled paper on the right spot to potty to guide the dog where the "toilet" area is.

3. When the dog makes accidents, simply wash the area with warm water and rinse with diluted vinegar to kill the odor the dog has left.

4. Soon enough, the dog would get used to the idea of using the newspaper and the spot to go potty. As the dog becomes consistent, gradually reduce the area of the newspaper, making sure that it still goes to that spot where it is supposed to.

5. When a good level of consistency is achieved, let the dog roam around the house and observe it during the times it is supposed to go potty. If you see the dog whining and sniffing at a certain point, bring it immediately back to its potty spot.

6. Use terms for going potty consistently. Do not confuse the dog by saying different phrases to refer to elimination. Eventually, the dog would learn the terms as if they were commands to do its business in the spot you assigned it to.

7. Avoid feeding or letting the dog drink before it sleeps. This will help you and the dog avoid accidents during a time when it is difficult to move to its potty spot.

8. Always praise the dog when it goes potty on the right spot. Have treats available to give the dog rewards when it has done the right thing quite well.

9. Do not punish the dog extremely, as this would only teach it to avoid you. If you would scold do the dog, do it with a light, yet firm and commanding tone.

10. Keep the dog's sleeping area very clean and fresh-smelling. Keep it also far away from its potty spot, but not too far that the dog would not be able to reach it in time to go potty.

Potty training a dog is not really a difficult ordeal with these tips in mind. With some degree of patience and determination, you could teach your dog to eliminate at the right place using paper training. Soon enough your dog will learn where to do it and be the good dog you have always wanted it to be.

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