Paper Training Puppy6 Easy Quick Tips

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Paper Training Puppy6 Easy Quick Tips

by Stephen Hartrick

Owning a puppy is a big responsibility and nearly on par with looking after a baby! One of the worst things is having a puppy that eliminates all over your lovely home, well with these 6 easy quick tips you can start paper training puppy as soon as possible, the earlier the better!

1) Get some old newspapers and cover a large area with them, this is where your puppy has to learn to eliminate.

2) As soon as you see signs ?and there usually are!? that your puppy wants to eliminate, usually by sniffing the floor and circling round, pick your puppy up and place it on the newspaper while giving the command you want to use, example ?Go Potty!?

3) Once your puppy starts to go on the paper then let your puppy into the rest of the house, all the while watching for the telltale signs that it wants to eliminate, as soon as it shows signs scoop your puppy up and place he or she on the paper and giving it the command to eliminate.

4) When your dog is consistently eliminating on the newspaper start to take some pieces away until eventually it only has one or two pieces of newspaper left to wee on.

5) Start moving the newspaper closer to the back door each day, if you have any accidents just quickly clean up with warm water and vinegar so as to remove any scent left by your puppy.

6) Eventually you will be able to pick your puppy up when it wants to eliminate on the paper and put it outside while still giving the command to go potty and in no time at all your puppy will bark or whimper when it wants to go potty.

So there you have 6 quick and easy tips on paper training puppy and also having a nice clean and fresh smelling home. It is not as difficult as you might think and as long as your patient and consistent then it should take no time at all for your puppy to be potty trained.

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