Pay Attention To What Your Dog Eats

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Pay Attention To What Your Dog Eats

by Michael M Thomas

Does your dog ever go into the yard and eat something you wish he didn't? Maybe it's a plant or a tree branch or even some stray trash that made it's way into your yard. My guess is that you don't like it when your dog eats those things. But if your dog eats ordinary, processed dog food, your dog probably eats things that are worse than what is in your yard each and every day.

Ordinary store-bought dog food often contains cheap ingredients, unhealthy filler, and unhealthy preservatives. Unless you are a veterinarian or a food scientist, it is likely for you to pronounce all of the ingredients that are in your dog's food.

That's a scary thought, isn't it? What, exactly, are you putting into your dog's body? When you can't make sense of the list of ingredients, it's hard to say.

So what can you do about it? You can make dog food at home. Homemade dog food is healthier and probably tastes better too. When you make dog food at home you know what is in it. You know how fresh it is. By spending a little time up front to research recipes and to prepare the food, you will have a healthier and a happier dog (you will probably save some money too).

Be cautious about buying ordinary dog food. Read the packaging carefully and get an understanding of what exactly is in the food you are buying for your dog. If you are not comfortable with the food choices available for your dog, you should consider home made dog food.

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