Pet Food Recall Why Contaminated Wheat Gluten May Be The Least Of Your Worries

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Pet Food Recall Why Contaminated Wheat Gluten May Be The Least Of Your Worries

by Kymberlyn SteelFannin

As the pet food recall widens, all pet owners are put in the position of wondering how sound a pet food purchase they may be making. In the past, you may have taken comfort in spending a few extra dollars on your pets food with the expectation you were receiving a quality product. Now we know this is simply not the case.

Most people would be shocked and appalled if they knew what really went into making dog food. Dog food is made up of the by-products of animal carcasses. That means that what is left-over and not used for human consumption finds its way into dog food. By-products consist of organs, intestines, hooves etc. While you might expect by-products to be used in producing dog food, you also need to realize that not all by-products are derived from healthy animals. They are often from animals which are sick, dying and cancer ridden. These animals are not fit for our consumption, but the commercial pet food industry is more than happy to feed what would otherwise be waste to our dogs. To complicate matters, the carcasses of the deceased animals may be left unpreserved for days before rendering. This provides ample time for decay, and the carcass becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. It is estimated that as much as 50% of carcasses are contaminated. While the rending process kills bacteria, it does not completely eliminate contamination.

Years ago, rumors ran rampant that pet food manufacturers were using euthanized pets as fillers in their food. The FDA conducted a study to find out if dogs and cats were perhaps the ingredients in commercial pet food. The FDA looked for a chemical called pentobarbital, as it is the most common euthanasia drug. The FDA found traces of pentobarbital in commercial pet food, but after conducting specialized tests could not identify cats or dogs as the source ingredient. Industry insiders once admitted to using deceased pets and road kill as an ingredient in pet food but now claim doing so is no longer practiced.

It is no wonder our beloved pets are becoming sick from the very food we feed them. While you may chalk the current recall up to a fluke, the ingredients which go into commercial pet food set the stage for your pets poor health. Before you purchase any more pet food, do yourself and your pet a favor. Take some time to research the product you have been using. There are manufacturers who do not use by-products in their food. Finding them will require a little due diligence and will probably cost you a few extra dollars. Check the labels so you can avoid the ones who do. Better yet, consider making your own dog food. There are plenty of resources on the net and in your local library. Your dog will thank you for it.

Kymberlyn is a mother, blogger and an unofficial dog food gourmet - just ask her dog Max. To find out what's cookin', visit her at Hot Diggity Dog.

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