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Playful Puppies

by Mark Gardner

Puppies are just so cute and irresistible. Not many can resist there charm. A child will see one and will probably soon be asking their parents if they can have one.

Your puppy can bring so much joy into your family?s life, as you watch it grow and see the fun situations it will get into. However, there will also be testing times. Your pup as got a lot to learn. It as to learn to come to terms with the new environment it finds itself in and also it as to learn obedience. Be patient with your young dog.

You should start training your young pooch from the beginning. Toilet training is essential and he will need to learn the basic commands. It will help if you can find a local training class; it will be of great benefit to you and your dog.

You can help your little puppy by providing the right dog accessories. Get him used to a dog collar and leash. Provide toys for him to chew on, so he doesn?t chew on your things! A dog bed for him to lie on, so he knows his place in the home. Also, you?d be wise to get a litter box or a training pad if he?s going to spend much time indoors, so he as somewhere to go rather than on your carpet!

How healthy is your puppy?

It cannot be stressed enough, how important it is to get your puppy registered with a veterinarian as soon as you can. Get him a veterinary check up and get his vaccinations sorted out. Leaving a young dog with no protection is irresponsible and asking for trouble.

As well as checking your puppy?s health, your vet can give you useful tips and information on raising your puppy. Your little pup will need much protection as it grows into a full grown dog.

Keep your pup clean, when bathing be sure to rinse off all the shampoo. Give your puppy good nutritional meals, there are many dog foods out there, basically, you get what you pay for.

Take care of your puppy's health and you can probably enjoy many years of happiness with your dog. We hope you have a good time!

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