Portable Dog Kennels The Advantages and Disadvantages

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Portable Dog Kennels The Advantages and Disadvantages

by Scott Byers

While many people are still using normal dog kennels, some pet owners find that the size and lack of mobility makes them less than ideal for traveling with their dogs. One solution to this problem that you may want to consider is to purchase a portable dog kennel.

Portable kennels are generally smaller and are collapsible, making for easy storage in a closet or under a bed when it is not being used. You can find a portable dog kennel that will be the perfect size for nearly any dog, and the perfect size to fit in your house or car. On top of all this portable kennels are relatively inexpensive starting as low as $50 with premium models running as much as $500. Don't worry, however, because the cheaper kennels will be just fine for the average dog owner. You won't have to break open your piggy bank the next time you want to take your dog with you on a trip!

Common materials used in the construction of portable dog kennels are nylon, wire mesh, and plastic. You'll have to take into account your dog's individual characteristics when choosing which type of kennel to buy. If your dog is very strong and aggressive, he may damage or even break out of a cheaper kennel which is made of less reliable materials. Remember that function is more important than looks, so don't simply choose the kennel that you think looks the best or the cheapest one you can find.

A portable dog kennel could even become your pet's permanent kennel if you so choose. This will allow him to become familiar and comfortable with that particular kennel, as opposed to being put in separate kennels while at home and while traveling. It would even be a good idea to put a kennel pad down for your dog to lay on, so it will be more comfortable and more likely to want to sleep in the kennel.

Most local pet shops will have a selection of portable dog kennels, but the greatest variety will be found online. With adequate research you may find that online pet shops may even offer lower prices than what you would find in a local store. While it's always a good idea to shop around to find the best deal, be careful about simply buying the cheapest one you can find. You may discover later that you got what you payed for, and the kennel did not last as long as you had hoped.

Whether you plan on traveling with your pet, or you are simply looking for a cheap alternative to permanent kennels, a portable dog kennel can likely be found that will suit you and your dog's needs perfectly.

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