Potty Training You Can teach Your Dog New Tricks

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Potty Training You Can teach Your Dog New Tricks

by Eric Hartwell

You must have heard the saying, ?You cannot teach an old dog new tricks!? All pet owners will agree with this saying more or less. However, if your adult dog is still not potty trained and keeps on doing it the wrong place, do not lose hope. With a little patience and love towards your pet, you can effectively potty train your adult dog as well. Just remember, it is never too late to teach your pet to do the right thing. Having a pet dog can be full of excitement and fun. However, one of the major worries of pet owners is the issue of potty training their pets. Potty training is a vital task. If it is not done properly, it can result in spoilt furnishings, rugs and even your bed. Add to it the foul smell that will linger all over your home. All this can be quite frustrating for the pet owners. Hence, the best way to avoid such annoying situation is by potty training your dog effectively.

One commonly used method to toilet train your dog is by restricting his movement around the house. You may consider using crates or leash to do so. Using a dog crate or a leash will give your pet limited space to move around, and the dog will start considering it as his personal space. High chances are that your pet will not pee and poop in such area and will try to control his urge unless you take him out of his personal space.

Use pre-treated paper or pad. Dip a small part of the paper into your pet?s urine and place the paper at the exact location, where you want your dog to pee and poop. As you know that dog have very strong smelling powers, they will sniff their way towards the ?poop place?. So every time your pet feels the urge to relieve him, he will be guided towards the appropriate place.

You will need to give your dog some time to learn, while being patient. Eventually, your pet will recognise his own ?poop place? and learn to relieve himself at the right spot, every time! The time taken by different dogs to complete their potty training successfully may vary. Training a dog may be a cumbersome and frustrating at times. Another alternative is to send your pet to an obedience school to be trained by an expert trainer. However, training the pet all by yourself is a journey filled with many ups and downs, which will help you get closer and build a better relationship with your pet. Just remember, time and patience are the keys to success!

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