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Potty Training Any Dog

by Lesa Bolt

The biggest thing most people want their dog trained for is to not soil or potty in the house and to be house trained. First of all if your dog is going potty in your house then they should not have full house privileges. Those come when he or she can be trusted fully. Potty training puppy and potty training a dog can be very easy. Remember a dog is like a child. Would you leave your 12 month old child alone in a room without a diaper on. No, of course not because they don't understand how to go to the bathroom yet and they also may get into things that would cause them harm. The same is with your dog. They don't understand what is expected of them yet.

When you bring a new dog into your house they need to understand where they can go to the bathroom. This is accomplished by only allowing the dog to being in the house when he or she is with you in the same room. You can accomplish this by looping the leash through your belt loop or taking a longer cord and tying it to your belt loop and the other to the dog's collar. He only has freedom while he is within your view. If you cannot watch the dog, the dog needs to be crated.

When you return to the dog and take him out of the crate, immediately take him outside on a leash to potty. Take him or her to one spot to potty and don't talk to them while getting them out of the crate. Just walk him outside to a specific spot like next to a tree or a certain rock. Once there only allow the dog about a six foot area to sniff and don't move a whole lot. Once you are there tell him to "go potty". Keep saying that phrase until he starts to potty. As soon as he starts to goes potty say "good boy" and once finished with both take him immediately inside. You are teaching him that he goes outside to potty and that is all he does outside right now. If he stays out there to play he will not learn as easily. When he comes inside he is only allowed to be in the room that you are in. He or she cannot leave.

If they do go into another room remember they are like that 12 month old child. You must go get them and either stay in the other room or bring them back to where you are. This is where using the leash or a line attached to your belt loop is good. Don't leave food and water down all the time for your dog. This is called free feeding and will not allow you to know when the dog has eaten or drank and you will not be as consistent. If you give your dog food and water on a routine basis and take them out within 10 to 30 minutes afterward to potty you will greatly increase your odds of completing potty training quicker than leaving food down all the time. Don't worry if your dog does not eat when you put it down. He will learn quickly that he must eat when it is put down or he misses out on the food. 4 things to always do:

  • 1) Crate your dog when you sleep or you cannot be with him
  • 2) Immediately take your dog out on a leash to one spot to go potty and come right back in
  • 3) Only allow your dog supervised freedom in the house after he has gone potty. If he doesn't go he needs to go back into his crate.
  • 4) Don't free feed.
It is as simple as that. If you are consistent your dog will be too very quickly. Remember your dog doesn't understand puppy potty training yet and is not house broken. Your consistency will help him understand and he will be house trained.

Whatever you do don't rub the dog's nose in the mess. A dog only remembers within 1.8 seconds of doing something and if 30 minutes after he messed in the house you find it and he is laying by the stove and you reprimand him, he will think he is being scolded for laying by the stove. Just clean it up. If there is a mess in your house it is the pet owner's fault 100% of the time. Don't blame your dog. He either couldn't get your attention or still doesn't understand where he needs to go. Remember you need to supervise him or her 100% of the time. Remember when you get a dog it will require a lot of your time to make him understand. If you don't take the proper time and rush training your dog may not understand fully and it will leave you with a big mess.

This information is submitted by Lesa Bolt a professional dog trainer.

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