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Potty Training Dogs

by Muhammad Hazman Mohamed Noor

One of the issues that all new dog owners face is how to effectively train their dogs when it comes to performing bodily functions in an appropriate location. There are actually several potty training dog tips that may help the new owner to achieve the desired results. Here are a few that you can try at home.

First, a dog that stays indoors most of the time needs a spot that he or she knows is safe to use. Pet pads can be placed on the floor of the utility room or any spot that is accessible to the dog, but not in the main flow of traffic through the house. Many of these pads are scented to attract animals, which will help in the conditioning process. Make sure your pet is praised when he or she uses the pad.

Your pet may choose to go while you are not at home, and do his or her business somewhere that is very obvious, like on the carpet in front of the television. If your dog does this when you are gone from the home for a long period of time, realize he or she is reacting to being left without you nearby. Try leaving on the radio or calling home a couple times a day so your dog can hear your voice via the speaker on your answering machine. If it works, this potty training dog tip will not only make your homecoming a little nicer, but also save a lot of money on carpet cleanings and replacements.

One final potty training dog tip is to react positively when your dog goes in an appropriate spot, such as your back yard or on the pads. Dogs receive a great deal of satisfaction from a soothing tone of voice and being petted. Once your dog learns to associate going to potty in the right spots with getting affection from you, the process will become a breeze.

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