Potty Training For Your Puppy

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Potty Training For Your Puppy

by Jo Withey

The first problem people encounter when their new puppy arrives is the question of a ?leaking? dog. This normally horrifies them and when potty training a puppy many people put newspaper down on the floor for him to use.

This will be your biggest mistake. He will become so used to toileting on the newspaper, making it necessary to retrain him to go outside. So start the right way.

The best way is to put him outside directly after he has eaten his meal. He should feel the need to toilet at this time. When you put him outside, give the command ?Be clean?.

Put him outside at regular intervals during the day so that he can pee or poo, again with the command to ?Be clean?. When he does perform, immediately praise him, tell him he is a good boy. Do this every time and he will soon learn that he is pleasing you.

Last thing at night immediately before you retire yourself, put him outside. Some puppies become so keen to please that they will even call in the hours just before you, yourself are ready to get up, trying to tell you that they need to ?Be clean?.

If he does pee or poo in his cage overnight, just ignore it. No dog will want to be dirty on their own bedding. Don't tell him off. Just remove, dispose of the faeces, wash and replace the bedding. He will soon learn to go through the night and be clean.

Always put him outside in the morning as soon as you get up. Most times he will be ?desperate?. Therefore the best place to site his cage is as near to the back door and as far away from your bedroom as possible.

Some puppies are quicker than others to learn ? just like children. Many learn within the space of a week what is required of them.

A handy tip when washing dog bedding in your washing machine, is to put a shot of pleasant smelling disinfectant in the fabric conditioner compartment for the final rinse. If you have a ?hairy? dog it is advisable to run the machine through a short rinse programme before using the machine again for your personal washing.

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