Potty Training Puppy

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Potty Training Puppy

by Stephen Hartrick

So, you have just got your first puppy, he or she looks so cute and cuddly! Until you start noticing all the wet spots all over your house. Well do not worry, potty training puppy is not that difficult really, it just takes consistency and a bit of determination to potty train your puppy.

What you have to realize with a puppy is it can be just like having a new born baby in the fact that you will have to do everything for he or she for the first few months, that includes potty training puppy!

The method I have always used with success at potty training puppy is on the first day you get your puppy home is to cover as much of the floor as possible with newspaper, but do not worry you will not have to do this for long, just for the first couple of days while your potty training puppy.

Covering most of the floor with newspaper will get your puppy used to the feel of paper under its feet so that he or she associates weeing with the feel of the newspaper and not the floor!

Now the trick is over the next few days is to take a few pieces of newspaper away so that you are just left with a few square pieces for your puppy to go potty on, now and again your puppy will have the odd accident but do not worry just add a couple of pieces of newspaper back and repeat the process again, it is sometimes a case of three steps forward and one step back, just have patience and soon you will be down to just one or two pieces of newspaper.

Once your puppy is going potty on just one or two pieces of newspaper then the next step in potty training puppy is to slowly, day by day, move the newspaper close to the back door until eventually it?s right by the back door.

Once you have done that then the final step in potty training puppy is every time you catch your puppy going to wee on the newspaper is to gently but quickly pick the puppy up and take your puppy outside in the garden to finish its wee and while your puppy is doing that give it the command you want to use all the time such as ?go potty!?

Be patient and persistent and your puppy should get the message and will actually ask to go out by barking or whimpering by the back door so it can go out to eliminate. Once that happens then you have potty trained your puppy successfully.

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