Potty Training Tips For Puppy Dog Owners

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Potty Training Tips For Puppy Dog Owners

by Colleen DiPietro

Potty training takes time and lots of patience from the owner. Starting potty training at the right time will make it easier on the owner. These are a few tips that might be helpful in potty training your puppy.

1) When starting to Potty train your puppy, know that a puppy has better muscle control between six and eight weeks of age. Some puppy?s potty train earlier but most are within the six to eight week range.

2) Take him out at least every hour until he is used to the same schedule everyday. It is very important to get your puppy used to going outside to potty. The earlier this is done the quicker your puppy will ask to go out to potty. Also look for signs like circling or squatting.

3) When potty is done in the house puppy must be told no and taken out right away. Do not yell at puppy he will not respond well, he may even start to fear you. Puppy respond to the same command the more you use it, so if puppy is told hurry he may understand that as your command to hurry outside.

4) When puppy does well and goes potty where he is supposed to give him a treat to let him know puppy has done good. Praising puppy for going to potty outside is very important the more you praise your puppy the easier it will get.

If you are unable to take your puppy out hourly to potty you should have him crate trained. As long as your puppy is in the right size cage they will wait to potty until you can take them out.

One of the biggest problems of training a puppy to potty train is that if they start to potty on carpets the puppy will probably find that spot again. It is very important to try and keep the puppy away from carpets or anywhere an odor will linger.

The easiest potty training dogs are found on farms where most of the time these puppies are outside. They usually will only potty on grass.

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