Potty Training Your Dog Stop the Indoor Messes

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Potty Training Your Dog Stop the Indoor Messes

by Andrew Bicknell

If only your dog could use the toilet just like you do. That would make life so much easier. But as most dog owners are aware potty training your dog means teaching them to do their business outside, not on the living room carpet. Potty training can take some time and patience and a great deal of your success will depend on the dog, but once he's house broken the effort will have been well worth it.

Probably the easiest method for potty training your dog is the newspaper method. In its simplest terms newspaper training involves laying down newspapers in a certain corner of the house, maybe the extra bathroom or utility room, and getting your dog to only do his duty there. Every hour or so take your dog to this area and use the same command each time that you wish to use that signals him to go the bathroom. Also keep an eye on your dog around the house and when he starts to go potty take him to the newspaper toilet and give him the command, chances are he will start to understand that this is the designated spot to take care of business.

Be sure to praise him every time he goes to the toilet when and where he is supposed to. This is positive reinforcement and dogs for the most part live to please their owners. If your four legged friend does make a mistake it is important not to punish him, particularly if you didn't catch him in the act. He will not understand what he is being punished for and will eventually start to fear you. If you do catch him in the act firmly tell him no and take him to his newspapers or outside.

Submissive urinating can also be a problem when it comes to potty training your dog. Some dogs get so excited when you come home or they meet someone new or another dog that they loose control and wet themselves and who ever may be around them. By properly house breaking your dog he will learn bladder control even in the most exciting or stressful of situations.

Potty training will take some time and patience. How fast your dog learns will also depend on how much effort you put into it and the type of dog you have. Some breeds just pick up on it quicker and are much easier to train. In the end having a potty trained dog will make both you and your furry friend much happier.

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