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Potty Training Your Dog

by Bob Cheswell

Paper training a dog
House training your dog.

To successfully do this is relatively simple task and in the case of a puppy is probably the very first training it will receive from you.

As with all aspects of dog training it helps to get into the mind of the dog and know its nature and how it instinctively reacts in certain circumstances.

When any dog, even a puppy needs to eliminate it will instinctively look for a place to do it. In the wild dogs will never soil their drinking area, they also tend to mark the boundaries of their territory.

Observe your puppy and note that when it needs to go it will change its behavior slightly. It will start sniffing the walls and chair or table legs (marking posts) which is instinctively looking for other dog's or their own scent. After a while of observing it will become obvious to you when the dog is looking for a place to go.

When you notice this behavior you should immediately take the dog to the door and to the place where you want it to go. If it does eliminate in the place you want it to then reward it profusely and make a big fuss.

If you observe and catch the dog just before it needs to go then the training will become much easier. No correction will be needed for mishaps and the training will be 100% positive reinforcement.

After you have done this a few times then the next step is to get the dog to ask to go out. You see the dog looking for somewhere to go, take it or lead it to the door, sit it down for a second at the door and then open the door and let it go out on its own.

If the dog is intelligent and you give it enough motivation then it is possible to house train a small puppy in an evening.

I once house trained a Labrador puppy. He soon got the idea that peeing outside was getting him a dog treat and a lot of fuss. So much that after about 4 hours of training, he was asking to go outside and straining to go.. he had nothing left but he was so eager for his treat.

The downside of this particular training is that it was too thorough. The dog in question had interiorize his training to such a point that he would not pee anywhere but in his own garden. We would go for walks in the woods for hours and he wouldn't do anything, he would run around in circles desperate to go and would whimper but would not go. We would return home and he would make a mad dash for the garden to relieve himself. It took several months of training to get him to do it outside of his own garden. Eventually one day he couldn't hold it any more and distressed peed up a bush. This of course was followed by much praise and then he soon got the idea that it was ok.

Have fun house training your dog, try and do it positively by praise and not negatively by scolding the accidents. As with all aspects of dog training a little bit of patience and it will become easy.

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