Potty Training Your Puppy On Command

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Potty Training Your Puppy On Command

by Avrina Ware

If you have been successfully working at the housebreaking process, you will, by the time you are able to take your puppy out, have a particular phrase that your puppy will associate with going to the toilet.

You should also have a fairly regular routine and will have some idea of when your puppy needs to go. Try to arrange your first walk to coincide with this time. Go out to the yard as usual, repeating your chosen phrase until your puppy does what is required.

Praise enthusiastically and then take him out for a walk. If he does not go to the toilet, take him back inside for a while and try again later.

If you take your dog out for a walk only after he has been to the toilet, he will eventually begin to realize that producing the required deposit results in a walk.

Unless you plan to keep your pet outside for the rest of their lives, it's necessary that house breaking begin almost immediately to limit the chance of puppy accidents in the house. While puppy accidents are not a big deal while the excitement of a new pet is happening, it gets old and frustrating if it continues long term.

It's better to safely confine your dog and use effective potty training methods than to end up with an unruly animal that cannot be trusted to keep your home urine and poop free.

Don't make the mistake of leaving house training for later. Potty accidents and bad habits developed by your puppy can increase the difficulty in having success with training your dog later. Control of your dog while in the house is key to breaking bad habits and establishing new ones.

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