Potty Training Your Teacup Puppy

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Potty Training Your Teacup Puppy

by Dean Kordon

Now you have brought your Teacup Puppy home, it is time for Potty Training. Some food for thought, the sign to look for when your Teacup Puggle has to go is, it will start sniffing around the floor if it has to urinate to go and will start sniffing and usually start walking around in circles if it has to have a bowel movement. The more you pay attention to this behavior the shorter the training process will be. Take your teacup puggle outside immediately or to the newspaper if you are indoor training your puppy.

Also if your teacup puggle will be utilizing the outside, it is a good idea to say the word "Outside" and get them excited about it. Say it in an excited tone like that is the greatest thing in the world. Another tip is to take the puppy to the place you want them to do their business. Within a short time your puggle Puppy will use this area on a consistent basis thus keeping the clean up area to a minimum. From personal experience, I have moved a couple of times and I did this each time with my dog. He always used the area that I wanted him to use. So this does work with older dogs also. You just have to let them know what you want.

Just a little bit of humor. When I potty trained my last puppy I used treats to reward him after he did his job. Well he got wise to the treat part at just eight weeks old and he tried to trick me. He would go to the door to go outside and I would let him out. He would then sit on the porch for a few seconds and then want to come back in and he was waiting for his treat. At that time he had made the connection that going outside would win him his reward. To get him to understand what I wanted, he did not receive a treat if he did not do his business. This only took a few days, before he realized what he needed to do. So another good rule of thumb is Do Not underestimate your Teacup Puggles intelligence. And remember that you are their teacher.

It is also a good idea to decide how and which method you want to use for potty training your Teacup Puggle before you start. The worst mistake you can make is changing methods. You must be very consistent in your methods. A Teacup Puppy only knows what you teach it and if you teach your Teacup Puppy inconsistency, you are guaranteed problems. So pick a method and stick with it.

Some of the different methods are:

The Paper Method
First you need to pick a spot in your house that you want your teacup puggle to use to do his business. The kitchen or bathroom works the best because of the linoleum flooring. I would suggest you not use a carpeted area if at all possible.

Now that you have your area, you need to cover the whole area with newspaper. Since your teacup puggle is a baby, it will need to eliminate more often than an adult dog so you have to be vigilant. It is also very important to clean up immediately and replace with fresh paper for any teacup puggle breed.

You need to watch for the following signs that your teacup puggle puppy needs to do his business. Your teacup puggle puppy will start really sniffing the floor, concentrating on it. In a short time you should be able to tell the difference if you "Teacup Puggle" is just sniffing around or really sniffing around. Your teacup puggle will also start to walk in circles looking for just the right spot. This is your cue that your teacup puggle needs to be placed in the designated area to make sure he does his business on the paper.

As your Teacup Puggle Puppy gets used of the idea of using the paper, start taking away one sheet at a time until you have a very specific area. If your peacup puggle misses the paper you might have taken away too much paper and got confused. That is why I suggest one piece at a time. Slowly lessen the papered area to a corner to make a more confined area.

If you decide that you eventually want your puggle puppy to do his business outside, slowly move the paper to the door. This might even have to be done inch by inch. Patients, is the key here. Remember, you are working with a baby. If you watch animal documentaries you will have noticed that the mother always teaches the baby how to hunt and survive. You have to look at yourself as the surrogate mother. You need to teach your new baby.

Once you're teacup puggle starts going outside you will be able to eventually remove the paper all together.

You must also remember to praise your puggle puppy each and every time they do as you want. This is a general rule for all aspects of training. Your teacup puggle wants nothing more than your praise and approval. To them you are their world and will do what ever it takes to please you. If your puggle puppy makes a mistake the only thing you need to do is say a stern "No". This way they start to learn that "No" means they did something wrong. For example, with the Potty Training, if your puggle puppy misses the paper, give them a stern "No" and pick them up and place them where you want them to do their business. Also if you keep a vigilant eye and catch them in the middle of the act, you can say "No" and this will startle them enough to make them stop. Then place them in the correct area or spot and make the feel comfortable there.

If you want to spend the money you can also use the Puppy Pads that can be purchased at any variety stores or pet stores.

Crate Training
This has become the most accepted of all potty training methods today. They will come to the understanding in a very short time that this is their home or den. You Teacup Puppy will not do his job in the crate granted he is not left for extended periods of time. This also gives you better control of the potty training situation.

When you first start out, try taking your puggle puppy outside right away after removal from the crate. Also remember to take him to your spot of choice. If nothing happens in the first five minutes bring your puggle Puppy in and give him food and water. Wait about ten minutes after he has finished eating and drinking and take him back outside. As a general rule dogs have to do their business shortly after feeding and waking up. Stay outside with him and see what happens. If nothing still has happened, watch him very closely for the signs I described above.

Also get your puggle puppy excited about going outside. In time they will learn to go to the door to let you know they need to go out. With my dog all I have to do is say the word outside and he just goes crazy and starts howling. There are times when I even have to spell the word as to not get him excited in some instances.

You can reward your puggle puppy either with praise or treats. If you are worried about weight gain or health issues, praise is just as good if not better as a reward. All they want to do is make you happy.

Another good tip is when your Teacup Puggle is out of his crate, to keep him to one room with your watchful eye. That way, if there are any accidents, or they start going, they can be caught and corrected right away. You can gradually give your "Teacup Puggle" more space when he is ready.

So you just need to remember to stick to one method, be consistent and be patient. The better you are, the faster your Teacup Puggle will be trained. Always praise your Teacup Puggle for doing a good job. In not to long a time, you will be able to enjoy your new family member with out the worries of having to clean up messes and building up a loving and confident relationship between your Teacup Puggle and you.

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