Potty Training the Puppy

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Potty Training the Puppy

by Kenna Rogers

Potty training requires patience and constant vigilance. Showing the pup where to pee once or twice and then expecting him to return to that same spot all alone is unacceptable. Another thing that is unacceptable is getting mad when he makes a mistake. Remember, puppies are babies, and potty training a two-year-old child is a difficult and drawn-out process as well.

Puppies need to use the bathroom every few hours, after every meal, after waking and right before they go to bed. Puppies aren?t used to holding it, so it is very crucial to take them outdoors often. There are some definite signs that a puppy needs to ?go,? like sniffing a certain spot and walking in circles with his bottom low to the ground. Take the puppy to the designated potty location immediately! He needs to poop!

Take the pup to a predefined locale where he can go, and go back there repeatedly. When the puppy goes in the right location on his own, be sure to praise him for a job well done. This will encourage him to return to that spot in future. It is also important to accompany the puppy outside for his restroom visits. When he?s left alone, he may become panicked, start to cry and want to come back in without ever doing his business, preferring to leave a mess in company rather than alone outside.

If he has to be alone for more than a few hours, be sure to confine him to a crate with newspapers down in case he can?t hold his bladder. Also make sure the crate is big enough he isn?t directly on top of his bathroom, and be sure to change his crate upon arriving home.

Potty training can be picked up within a few weeks, as long as the puppy is shown consistency and patience in his training.

Kenna Rogers is a full-time college student taking publication courses. She is a life-long lover and owner of various pets, including a black Labrador named Booe, a Siberian husky named Xaber, and a chow/golden retriever mix named Suey.

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