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PreInstalled Dog Doors

by Thomas Morva

Pre-installed dog doors are specially designed doors for pets to use. It can be removed by the owner as and when he desires. It is a self framing and energy conserving door offering easy entry and exit for dogs. Most have maintenance-free rigid metal frames with durable weather proof seals. Some doghouses also come with a pre-installed dog door.

Excellent quality and extreme functional design are the major features of this door. It is very easy to dismantle and relocate. With a pre-installed dog door, you can decide when you want to let your dog out and when you want it in. Some pre-installed dog doors are electronic and are operated by a sensor or computer chip in the dog's collar. Most models come with a template and an instruction manual.

Usually, pre-installed dog doors are made from strong aluminum or high-impact thermo plastic or vinyl. These removable doors help to keep heat inside in winter months. It can be removed in the summer months to enhance interior ventilation. For extra security, it has heavy gauge steel interior lockable panels. Types of pre-installed dog doors include classic, automatic, electronic, and magnetic. Some of them have mesh screens and others have shatter-resistant tempered glass. Pre-installed dog doors can be placed in walls, windows, wooden doors, screen doors, French doors, and alongside sliding glass doors.

Pre-installed dog doors come in small, medium, large, and extra large sizes. Choosing the correct size will ensure the comfort of your dog. It is available in heavy-duty frame construction with dead-bolt lock and tempered glass. It also comes in a variety of colors including white, almond, and bronze. A range of wood choices are available including Masonite, pine, and cedar. Top quality pre-installed dog doors are available in a number of standard and custom dimensions.

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