Precautions When Your Kids Are With Your Dog

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Precautions When Your Kids Are With Your Dog

by Sumit Bhatnagar

You should be very careful when you leave your children with your dog.

You should always remember that dogs eat meat and so, have a tendency to use their jaws in case of self defense.

Everyday, a large number of children are being bitten by dogs due to ignorance of parents. These dogs can be your own or someone else's.

Most of the cases can be easily avoided if proper care is taken. It is your responsibility to educate your children how to behave with dogs properly.

Many children play with the dogs in a very excited mood such as running, shrieking etc. If the dog is excitable too, this can turn to be dangerous for your kid.

You should tell them that they should remain quite and very calm when they are playing with the dogs. Tell them about the situations when a dog can behave in wrong way and they should ignore the dog when he starts behaving inappropriately.

When you are training your dog, include your children at that time. Your children can learn how to feed your dog.

Games like hide and seek and other games of the same kind are best for your children and your dog.

Your children should avoid hugging a dog. It is the most uncomfortable thing for dogs.

Also, you should train your dog how to react in a calm manner while someone is hugging, grabbing or squeezing.

These things can be thought to your dog by practicing some handling exercises with him.

If you follow such rules, you can avoid a lot of bad incidents.

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