Prevent Your Dog From Marking His territory

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Prevent Your Dog From Marking His territory

by Eric Hartwell

Dogs must their territory ? it is life. And dogs do it. Accept it. You cannot dismiss the inate urges and routines of a dog - but you can modify them

It is a dog's way of communicating with the world. They are saying ?I am here?

It is a normal behavioral characteristic but can be quite annoying to dog owners. Your house get soaked in the odor from your dog and there is a cost for the clean up. Your property can become damaged. But dogs don't know they are doing something wrong.

Here are a few tips to help:

1. Prevention is key - one of the best ways to stop your dog from urine marking is to have him operated on. Getting your dog neutered or spayed will reduce natural chemicals and hormones that get primed by sexual heat. Your vet will help and advise you.

2. Take his items and place them where you don't want him to urinate ? he will respect his own possessions. This could mean placing his food dish or water bowl next to an area that he may have marked. This might prevent him from marking that area again. Dogs are naturally clean animals and do not want ruin the areas in which they sleep or eat.

3. Drugs and medications may help. Dogs may be stressed or frightened. This can cause them to urinate. The history of the dog may help in deciding if this is the case. Ask your veterinarian about possible drug treatments. He will be best to advise you.

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