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Proper Dog Care

by Kelley Blackston

Owning a dog calls for much more care than one might believe. There are several categories to think about when looking into the responsibility of caring for a doggy. Among these are nutrition, medical commitments, exercise, creating a job for your dog, and encouraging a healthy relationship.

Proper nutrition is essential for maintaining a well-balanced, healthy dog for a long time. There are lots of varieties of dog food available, that it is easy for the purchaser to get confused. Here are some basic guideline.

? You pay for what you receive- up to a certain point. Usually the cheaper brands contain more wheat and rice than meat. Due to the fact that dogs are carnivorous, these foods sometimes leave them hungry and deficient in minerals.
? However, the most expensive may not always be the best- look at the ingredients and make sure a meat is the very first ingredient.
? Like human food, avoid excessive salt, sugar, and dyes.
? Please remember food allergies- Like humans, dogs sometimes have, or develop food allergies. Keep and eye out for itchiness, sneezing, and rash. See your vet immediately and ask for other options.

Like food, vitamins are needed to supplement a dog?s health. The type of vitamins a dog requires changes with circumstances and age. Be sure to ask your vet which type is appropriate for your dog. By supplementing properly, an owner can avoid medical problems down the line such as arthritis and infections.

When deciding on treats, think natural. Your best bet is an ordinary chicken or liver treat with no added salt or sugar. Watch out for treats that contain dyes.

Dogs also carry a large medical responsibility. After birth, they require a series of shots. Some vets differ in the delivery of these, so ask yours. They will then set up annual visits in which some of these vaccinations are repeated. It is vital that they keep up with these each year. It is also important that you keep the paperwork, and they wear the dog tags stating that they are up to date.

In addition, a dog must have monthly meds that prevent heartworms, a deadly parasite, as well as flea and tick prevention. Missing a month of either of these medications might lead to worms and disease.

Be sure to do research on your pet and discover any heredity problems that you and your vet should keep in mind. For example, bigger dogs should be checked for hip dysplasia and vitamins should be dispensed for joint problems.

Pet insurance is becoming popular. Think about insuring your dog for any medical problems that may arise.

Just as important as proper nutrition and medical care, exercise provides dogs with greater health and longer lives. Dogs really should walk, run, and play on a daily basis. Withdrawal from such activities may create psychological, obedience and medical problems.

Many dogs are classified as ?working? or ?sporting? dogs. These dogs were bred to do such things. In an effort to keep them happy and healthy, you must create a job or sport for them. Agility and obedience routines as well as dog day care, help to simulate jobs in today?s current setting.

Finally, dogs need a healthy relationship with their ?pack?. Dogs will position themselves in your ?pack?. This means they must have some obedience training to ensure that they understand general commands and how they are expected to behave. After this is established, your dog will feel safe and secure, this also allows for a psychological and physically healthy dog. After this, they will require human bonding and closeness.

As we now understand more about the psychology and health of dogs, we now see that there are many more responsibilities in owning a dog. Gone are the days when simply feeding and walking your dog were acceptable. They are living animals, and we must give them all we can to ensure that they are healthy and happy.

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