Proper Dog Training Discover The Benefits Now

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Proper Dog Training Discover The Benefits Now

by Niall Roche

Proper training of your dog should be an integral part of your life with your dog. How much (or little) effort you put into working with your dog will have equally positive or negative results on your lives together. Even wild dogs have to learn to adhere to a certain set of standards and rules. The same is true of a domesticated dog. For them to be happy they must be trained to fetch, stay, and come when asked to do so. This establishes respect between you and your four legged friend. The major benefit here is that once your dog "respects" you then dealing with issues like chewing, barking, biting and housebreaking should prove to be very little trouble - if they become a problem at all.

There are numerous misunderstandings and misconceptions about dogs and their habits. Many owners assume that they must be become the "alpha dog" in the household. While this may be true to a limited extent it's important to realize that other dogs live in fear of alpha males and rarely respect them. It's a much better plan to teach your dog how to co-operate through kindness and encouragement then through the dog living in fear of you (even if this isn't obvious fear to you the dog may still feel it.)

Another huge mistake is that people actually believe that "you can't teach an old dog new tricks". This is absolute rubbish. Just as with human beings dogs can be retrained. Many people use this as an excuse to simply give up on a dog that has never been trained properly. Any dog, with the right amount of love and encouragement, can become a well adjusted member of just about any family. Dogs are far more intelligent than we give them credit for and many dogs have simply lacked a firm, caring hand to show them right from wrong when they were small pups - if they got any care at all.

Some people see training their dog as hard work. If done properly it can actually be fun. The first time you see your dog obey the command to stay until called it'll give you that warm fuzzy feeling that only a dog can give you. When training your dog try to follow these simple steps:

1. Stop them when they're doing something bold.

2. Reprimand the dog in a positive way.

3. Redirect the dogs energy into something more positive.

4. Never slap your dog.

It's also important to encourage your dog even after they've learned a new activity from training. For example when they let you know they need to go outside to the toilet make sure that you give them a kind word and a pat on the head each time they do this - not just the first time. It's amazing the effect that this type of encouragement will have on your dogs behavior.

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