Proper Puppy Training is Vital to the Future Happiness of You and Your Pet

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Proper Puppy Training is Vital to the Future Happiness of You and Your Pet

by Mike Long

It is important to devote a considerable amount of your puppy training to teaching your puppy not to chase. Aside from being great fun, chasing is a dog?s natural instinct; however, unless your dog understands the command ?OFF? it is not safe for him to be off the leash.

Here?s one of the basic commands in puppy training. Teaching a dog ?OFF? requires a controlled setting. The dog must be in an environment where he can concentrate. Start the training inside your home. Put the dog on a leash. While you?re holding the leash roll a tennis ball across the room.

After the ball is released you tell the dog ?OFF.? If he starts after the ball give the leash a firm tug and command ?OFF?. You mustn?t ever let the puppy touch the ball or he may confuse the game with fetch. Practice often and always give lots of praise and treats.

When he begins to get the hang of it try the exercise in different rooms of your house and in the back yard. When you?re certain he has a clear understanding of the command do the exercise without holding the leash. Keep the leash connected just in case. After the puppy masters the exercise remove the leash and try.

The next stage of puppy training the command ?OFF? is to test the dog with a jogger. Employ a friend to be the jogger and practice the exercise. If cars are a problem take your dog to a safe street and have your friend drive by slowly and continue to practice. You must only practice this in a simulated way; it isn?t safe unless you?re absolutely certain the driver is aware he may need to stop quickly if the puppy were to pull away.

Continue your puppy training on a regular basis and remember that even the most well trained puppy has its weak moments. It is your responsibility to always use good judgment when allowing your dog off the leash outside of the safety of your home and yard.

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