Properly Crate Training Your Dog

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Properly Crate Training Your Dog

by Andrew Bicknell

The best time to start crate training any dog is when he is a puppy, or if that is not an option when you bring him home for the first time. If you decide that crate training is something you want to do then you should be prepared to continue it for the life of your dog. The reason for this is simple, if properly done the crate will become your dog's personal space where he can feel a sense of security and familiarity, even when away from home.

Crate training your dog is a process that takes time. If you know you will be traveling with your dog a lot then his crate will be his home during those times. Simply pushing him into a crate the first time you travel with him is not the way to do it. The idea is to get him used to the crate even before you ever put him in it.

The first thing you will need to do is select the proper sized crate. Remember to get one large enough for when he is full grown or you'll be buying a new one as he grows out of puppy hood. Put his new crate in the room he frequents most so he gets used to it. Leave the door open and place a treat inside so that his curiosity will get the better of him and he'll soon go in and enjoy his snack.

The more casual you are about the whole process the more comfortable you dog will be as he gets used to his new crate. You don't want your dog to associate the crate with any sort of punishment or he will always be afraid of it. As he gets used to it continue to put treats in from time to time. You can also put some blankets or cushions and his favorite toys in there to further his comfort level. Placing the crate next to your bed may further his comfort level and you may soon find him sleeping in there.

After you dog has become comfortable with the crate and has gotten used to being in it for periods of time with the door open it is time to get him used to having the door shut. Once again break out your handy treats and put some inside his crate. When he goes in to enjoy his snack close the door gently while he eats. Stay next to the crate while you do this and let him finish the treats. Let him out after a few minutes so as not to create to much stress or anxiety for him.

Keep repeating this same procedure but lengthen the amount of time the door is kept shut each time. As you slowly increase his time in the crate he will become more comfortable with it. When it is time to actually pick up the crate with your dog inside go only a short distance. Maybe to just another room in the house or outside to your back yard. The idea again with carrying your dog is to gradually get him used to it.

The most important part of crate training a dog is to make sure that they are comfortable with the process. If done properly he will just see it as another part of living life as a dog and you can take him anywhere in his crate that you chose.

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