Puppies and Dogs Need To Chew

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Puppies and Dogs Need To Chew

by Charlotte Powell

Did you know that even the adult dog has a desire to chew? Puppies and young dogs need something with resistance to chew on while their teeth and jaws are developing. Some of the reasons why a puppy or young dog needs to chew are:

? for cutting the puppy teeth
? to induce growth of the permanent teeth under the puppy teeth
? to assist in getting rid of the puppy teeth
? to help the permanent teeth to come through the gums
? to assure normal jaw development and
? to settle the permanent teeth solidly in the jaws.

The adult dog's desire to chew stems from the instinct for tooth cleaning, gum message and jaw exercise.... plus the need to vent periodic doggie tensions. Tartar accumulates on the teeth of dogs, particularly at the gum line. This accumulation, if not removed, brings irritation and then infection, which will erode the tooth enamel and ultimately destroy the teeth at the roots. Tooth and jaw development normally continues until the dog is more than a year old. Depending upon the dog, chewing exercise, the rate at which calcium can be utilized and many other factors.

Dogs, especially puppies and young dogs, will often destroy valuable property when their chewing instinct is not diverted from their owner's possessions. (Our dog Nikki chewed on the coffee table, spa cover and other items. This can be an expensive way to learn a lesson.) That is why it is important for you to provide something for chewing that is safe and desirable for your dog.

The ever-popular nylon Nylabone products have been designed as therapeutic devices to vent your puppy?s/dog?s frustration. They are like pacifiers and satisfy your dog?s need to chew. They also aid in tooth and jaw development in puppies.

Gumabones, made of soft polymer, were created specifically for dogs whose teeth are too soft to chew nylon Nylabone chews. The Gumabone products are practically indestructible and they can be boiled to remove harmful germs. Make sure you replace the Gumabone when the knuckle has worn down. The all-natural Quest dental chews are completely edible. The irresistible taste encourages chewing and the various shapes will encourage good oral health and fresh breath.

Nothing, however, substitutes for periodic professional attention to your dog?s teeth and gums. Have your dog?s teeth cleaned by your veterinarian at least once a year and he will be healthier and happier.

Charlotte Powell is the owner of CJ Dog Mart, an online dog supply store. She has many years of experience in owning, raising and training dogs.

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