Puppy Dog TrainingTraining Your Puppy Dog Easier Said Than Done

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Puppy Dog TrainingTraining Your Puppy Dog Easier Said Than Done

by Colleen DiPietro

Hello all of you dog trainers and all of you who would like to train your dogs.

Successful dog training takes time and a lot of patience. But with the help of this article you can all be dog trainers. Some of these techniques can be used to rid a dog of behavior problems, such as excessive barking, destructive chewing, toileting in the house and jumping up on visitors, without having to resort to being physical with the animal.

The first thing to remember is: Getting the dogs attention. You can do this very easily by giving a treat to the dog. If you have ever gone to a dog show, you should notice that they give treats before the trick, to get the dogs attention, and then again after the trick to show the dog he has done well.

Praising goes a long way in having a well-mannered puppy. Along with praise comes reprimand. You also have to know when is the appropriate time to reprimand your puppy. When doing so, its best not to discipline them harshly, but in a firm but calm manner. Getting the dogs attention, praising, and reprimanding are 3 key things to get you started on the dog-training road to success.

One of the most important things to remember when training your puppy is to be consistent and have fun. Training can be overwhelming for both of you and its easy to miss the fun aspects of training your puppy, but its very important to keep it as fun and as stress free as possible for both of you. You want your puppy to have a positive feeling towards training.

When you are frustrated or not feeling up to training, it?s probably a good idea to hold off on your session with your puppy until you?re in better spirits. Keep your sessions short but frequent to keep you from becoming irritated. Becoming upset can cause your puppy to become distracted or confused. Don't let training become stressful for either of you.

Most important is never give up. Puppies/Dogs need constant reminders of what keeps them in line. Training is a good opportunity to bond with your newest household addition and to get him comfortable with his new surroundings. Enjoy this quality time with your puppy.

Colleen DiPietro ? A dog lover and owner, with strong views on the importance of proper puppy dog training and disciplining. View her dog training reviews here. http://cdtopreview.com

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