Puppy House Training It Is Not Working

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Puppy House Training It Is Not Working

by Rena Murray

Potty training for puppy dogs is a pretty easy thing to accomplish. Just be sure to remember that every puppy does things in her own time. My last puppy was a very fast learner and had accomplished puppy house training before she was about thirteen weeks old.

Are you still having trouble with puppy house training, even though you have been taking her out faithfully on her schedule? You need to take a look at every step involved in taking the puppy out and in bringing her back inside.

First off, take your puppy out promptly if she is sniffing around intently. Scoop her up and whisk her out if she is less than four months old and still small enough. If she is older than that or if she is too big, guide her out by the scruff of the neck. Unless she is still a baby, it is important for her to walk out on her own.

Always take your dog to the same area to do her business. This is a dog instinctive behavior. If she goes all over the place, it not only cuts down on your ability to walk freely in your yard, it also contributes to the puppy house training problem.

You see, dogs like to use the same spot when they go to the bathroom. This is why they soil the same spot in the house again and again. Dogs do not like to mess where they sleep, either, so crate training a puppy is advisable. Having her in a confined space cuts down on the likelihood of accidents.

In addition to these things, DO correct your puppy if she chooses to use a place in your house as her bathroom. Why? Because the next time she needs to go, she will have no problem remembering the last spot she used ? and she WILL use it again.

Most of you have heard, "She cannot be disciplined if she is not caught in the act." That is both untrue and a common reason for much of the bad dog behavior that is currently in the spotlight here!

This is the way to be fair to both you and your pup.

Bring the pup to the spot where she wet and "claim" it. Your pup will understand such dog pack communication. Hold your shoulders and head up with confidence. Keep the eye contact on her from the beginning to the end of this exercise. Step between the object and her. Spread your feet about halfway between a military "Attention!" and "At ease." Point at her. She will sit or lie down. This is surrendering. Stay there until she turns away or walks completely away. This means she gave up and you won.

If you catch your pup squatting, whisk her outside. Don't try to discipline her right then, or you will make it flow more. Puppies cannot stop when they start. When she finishes going outside, bring her back in and correct her by claiming the spot.

Although claiming is more effective, scolding the accident in the presence of the puppy also works well. Bring her into the room -- very calmly, not as though she is in trouble. Look at the accident, not at her. Scold IT -- "Bad potty ? what a mess" -- as you clean it up. Trust me, the pup will get your point.

If your puppy is crate trained and she will not go to the bathroom outside, but she always seems to go only seconds after you bring her in, do this.

Take her out to her assigned area. If she refuses to go, put her back in the crate for ten minutes or so, then take her out again. It will not take long before this dog behavior problem is no more.

If you think your puppy is urinating too frequently because of a dog health problem, consult a veterinarian right away.

With consistency, careful confinement of your young puppy, watchfulness when she is loose, and whisking her out to her assigned spot as needed, potty training for puppy dogs should not take long. If you are doing all these things and claiming the accident spots, yet you are still having trouble with puppy house training, get help. Consult a professional who is trained in dog behavior problems!

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