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Puppy Love A Different Perspective

by Garret Belisle

"People don't own dogs, dogs own people."

My thought's for the day, since this morning have been waning. My mind has been distracted since the moment I awoke. Looking around my personal world I am quite content, to a degree. Let's not forget that there is always room for improvement. Regardless of whom you are. Driving through town the other day I read a great billboard that really got me thinking and I'd like to share the quote with you.

"Your dog thinks your the greatest person in the world, so be the person your dog already thinks you are."

Being a dog owner it really made me laugh, because it's so very true. We treat our pets like royalty because they have unconditional love. Be honest now, after a bad day you know when your pet (dog or cat) is waiting for you at the door, in my case Keisha jumps up all over me for at least 5 minutes, it's usually because she's so happy to see me, sometimes she has her leash ready, sometimes she's hungry. But she's always happy when I walk in the door. What a wonderful world the world would be if we all treated each other with the same love and happiness we treat our pets with and vice versa.

Something else about dogs at least that's worthy of noting. Dog is man's or woman's best friend as well all know. Isn't it interesting that dog spelled backwards is God? Just a thought to consider.

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