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Puppy Love

by Wycliffe Williams

?Come here sweetie pie. I?ve bought you something special today.?

Hubby begins to smile. The smile then turns into a big grin. He begins to wonder how he got so lucky.

?What you get me honey?? He sheepishly asks as he runs to the door!

Visibly irritated, she rushes by him with the wave of her hand.

?Not you,? she retorts abruptly, ?where?s Sam??

Hubby immediately drops his shoulders and shuffles back to his regular spot in front of the television set.

Out of nowhere bounds the newest member of the family? the puppy, Sam. Bobbing his head, wagging his tail, and wetting himself, Sam is obviously overjoyed that his real owner is home.

Sam selfishly absorbs all of the puppy love his owner showers down upon him. Hubby steals a glance at all of the commotion in the corner. He watches his wife and Sam play with Sam?s gift. A chewable plastic bone.

This scene is played out daily in the USA. People consider their puppies more than pets. Some people even talk to their animals. Women especially. I wonder why? Maybe because the puppy listens and never talks back.

Puppies love to play. They also love chewy bones and noisy toys. They also thrive on attention and affection, and enjoy being showered with puppy love.

Purchase a hard plastic pool from the hardware store. Put it in your back yard and fill it with water. Your four legged friend will love you for it. It would serve a dual purpose too. Sam can play in the pool and the water would cool him off.

Have you ever seen those rope-like toys for puppies? They can chew on those things for days on end. Pet stores carry an array of toys and things for your puppy. In fact, I remember seeing a stand full of pet things in a corner market. Imagine that!

A down side to having a puppy is fleas. I don?t find bad odor so much of a problem with puppies as with bigger dogs. But fleas! All those over the counter remedies, guaranteed to rid your puppy of fleas only drains the pocketbook.

I use pine needles. Puppies don?t mind pine needles, but fleas do. Put a layer of pine needles on your puppies bed and he?ll shower you with puppy love. Pine needles help cut odor too. Change the pine needles every couple of days or so.

Of all the animals people keep, puppies are special. They bring a puppy love into the home that no other animal can bring.

As usual, I?ll conclude with a DOG tip. Remember that?s a Dog Owners Guide (DOG) tip:

Before you pet any puppy or dog, ask the owner first. It stands to reason then, if the owner isn?t around, never touch a strange puppy or dog. Just because the puppy is small and adorable, doesn?t mean he can?t inflict a serious wound.

Wycliffe Williams has always had animals in his family. One particular puppy Herman was especially dear to him as a child. Do you have a puppy nipping at your toes while you?re at the computer? Fun isn?t it? Now that you?ve got your puppy, consider getting a home based business? Use the money to buy your puppy food, puppy toys, or even to pay for the vet bills. Get a home based business like this one. Click here.

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