Puppy Obedience Training 3 Useful Tips

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Puppy Obedience Training 3 Useful Tips

by Stephen Hartrick

Getting a puppy needs a lot of thought, you need to make sure you have plenty of free time to take care of all its needs, including making your home safe for your puppy to live in without it harming itself in anyway, you would be surprised what mischief they can get up to!

Puppy obedience training should begin as soon as you get your puppy home, Obviously let it settle in for a few hours, but the earliest you can start puppy obedience training the better for you and your puppy.

1) Potty Training Your Puppy This is one of the first obedience training lessons you will want to teach your young pup if you do not want it messing in your home, the number one rule is to make sure you catch your puppy in the actual act of weeing and then quickly pick your puppy up and put it outside or wherever you have chosen for its place to eliminate.

2) No Biting Your next step in puppy obedience training is to stop your puppy from biting, regardless if it is only play biting because when your puppy grows even play biting can do serious damage to someone. So as soon as it play bites give the command ?No? in a low but loud tone and keep repeating it until your puppy gets the idea and stops biting altogether.

3) Come Back to you on Command The third puppy obedience training tip is to get your puppy to come to you on command, especially useful if your puppy gets out and escapes which they are prone to doing once in a while, and it will most likely save it?s life one day.

A helpful tip is to have some treats handy so when you call your puppy to you it has a reason to come back! Never admonish your puppy when it returns to you for any reason whatsoever or you will find that it will not return the next time you call it out of fear of being told off.

As long as you follow these three puppy obedience training tips you will have the basic training done and can move on to more advanced puppy obedience training.

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