Puppy Obedience Training

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Puppy Obedience Training

by Tim Lee

Acquiring and brining a puppy to your home entails a lot of responsibility. It is pretty much like having a child. You will need to find the right mix of nurturing and disciplining to make sure your young one grows up to be the best he or she can be. This proper mix of loving sternness is the core value to be used in puppy obedience training.

The first few weeks when you bring your new puppy home will be a difficult phase of adjusting on both your end and your pup's. While your puppy will be adjusting to life in its new home, you will be adjusting your life and home for your newest household addition.

You will find that there may be difference in opinions among experts regarding when one should begin puppy obedience training. Some may say that puppy obedience training should begin on his or her sixth month but if you do it correctly, you may begin puppy obedience training as soon as you bring your new pup home.

No biting

In the dog world, mommy dogs don't wait for their pups to turn six months before they start conditioning them to behave the way they should and you ought to do the same. For instance, as soon as you can, discourage your puppy from nipping and play biting. Unchecked, your puppy can develop this behavior permanently and can end up being destructive.

Remember that it may seem cute to you in the beginning when your little bundle of fur play bites you but if this behavior continues, adolescent to adult dog teeth can cause serious damage to human tissue. Whether your dog is playing and not serious about the bite, a bite is still a bite.

Potty train your puppy

Teaching your puppy when and where to urinate and defecate is extremely important. Puppy obedience training should establish in your new pup that relieving himself in forbidden areas is definitely not permitted. To potty train your pup will need a lot of time and effort on your part. You will need to establish the proper times and areas when he can "go" as well as rewarding good behavior through positive reinforcements.

Make sure that you take your new puppy to the area in which you want him or her to go potty every 90 minutes for a few days so that the pattern is instilled in your pup.

Come on command

As early as three months old, you can begin puppy obedience training in terms of conditioning your pup to come to your side on command. You can do this by first remembering never to admonish or "punish" your pup for coming to your side because this will condition him to think that coming to your side is an end to fun.

When training your puppy to come on command for the first time, you should practice with your pet in a wide, spacious room. You should not make this first attempt in an open area where your pup can easily run away and get lost or hurt. Begin by getting your puppy's attention from across the room by calling his name.

Once you've gotten his attention, reach out a treat that you know he really loves by your side and when he gets to your side, make encouraging sounds reward him generously with yummy treats. Repeat this puppy obedience training treat several times within the day for a few days until he is reinforced to come to your side when you call.

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