Puppy Potty Training Its Not as Hard as You May Think

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Puppy Potty Training Its Not as Hard as You May Think

by Valerie Goettsch

"Not on the Carpet!" How many times have you yelled this, or something similar, at your new puppy? While soiling the house is bound to happen on occasion with a new puppy, potty training is easier than you may think, although it does take some time, patience, and consistency.

Establish a Routine
First off, realize that puppies have a potty pattern. They need to go after they sleep, after they eat or drink, after they play, and after they?ve been confined, such as in a crate. You will find that most accidents happen when you forget to take your dog out after playing or sleeping or eating. Therefore, it really helps to establish a consistent routine with your puppy.

Whenever you lead your puppy to his bathroom spot, use a specific word like "outside," "potty time," or whatever word/phrase you prefer as long as you consistently use the same one.

Take your dog to the same toilet area (a spot relatively close to your house) and the same route to it each time so your puppy gets to know the drill. Don?t let your puppy roam and sniff around until he has completed his "business." After he is done, praise him for doing a good job.

While your puppy is in the process of eliminating, use a command like "go potty." Do this consistently and your dog will learn to go on cue. My dog does this and it is pretty amazing, although sometimes she will "fake pee" just to please me.

Teaching Your Dog to "Give the Signal"
After a week or so, your puppy will have the idea of what he is supposed to do outside. Now he needs to learn to give you a signal when he needs to go to the bathroom. Take him to the door, but don?t say anything. Does he stare at the door? Is he eager to go out? Now use your word: "What is it? Potty time? Good doggy." Then try this from various rooms in your house. Soon your dog will be able to signal to you when he needs to go out. Recognize that different dogs have different signals. My dog stares at me, wags her tail and stomps her feet to let me know she has to go potty.

Some Final Potty Training Tips
Although it may be frustrating, sometimes accidents will happen during the potty training process. If you catch your puppy in the act, make a loud noise, jump up and down, or clap your hands, anything to startle him and get him to stop. Immediately take your dog outside to his toilet area and act like nothing is wrong. Be sure to praise him when he finishes. Never scold your puppy or rub his nose in it if he goes in the house. Although the puppy may understand you are mad, he won?t be able to connect it with the act he just did.

Be sure your puppy has a consistent diet and don?t change dog foods while you are house training. A change of food may upset his stomach. Also watch your dog?s water intake, as some puppies will drink too much water out of boredom. In this case, some people like to monitor water intake by providing water at meal times and bathroom times and not 24/7.

Most of all, be consistent and give praise for a "job" well done. Take heart and keep a positive attitude; you will have a potty-trained pup very soon.

Valerie Goettsch is webmaster of My Favorite Dog featuring articles and information on puppy potty training, dog health issues, dog beds, meds, and more.

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