Puppy Teething The Teething Blues

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Puppy Teething The Teething Blues

by Debbie Ray

Puppy teething - Often this process can be quite destructive depending on exactly how you handle this situation.

Instinctively puppies often chew because they need to - not because they want to destroy your personal items. As puppies begin to loose their ?milk teeth? and get their 42 adult teeth they chew to help alleviate some of the discomfort they are experiencing. This is known as teething.

Overall, the best thing you can do is protect your puppy from potentially harmful situations and help set him up to be successful in getting through this major developmental stage.

Below you?ll find several ideas to help your puppy from being ?bad? and to help it safely through this time.

? Give plenty of exercise and attention to relieve boredom which often leads to chewing

? Crate the puppy if you cannot watch it

? Use commercial sprays to alleviate chewing of household items - Listerine is also good

? Do not give the puppy old shoes or socks to chew on - it cannot differentiate old ones from your brand new ones

? Give your puppy toys of its own to chew on - it is also good to give these to your pup when he begins to teeth on you

? Give your puppy one of its toys when it acts as though it may chew something it should not

? Move items you do not want the puppy to get into out of its reach- cover all power cords, remove pens/ pencils, plants (many are poisonous), books, etc.

With a little bit of planning, patience and caring, you can help your puppy through this important teething stage of it's life and to help it to mature into that wonderful dog that you know it can be.

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