Puppy Toilet Tips

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Puppy Toilet Tips

by Mathew Chewing

The best way to toilet train is from a puppy, say 6-8 weeks old. Always keeping in mind they shouldn't be punished for going in the house but managed. Never rub their nose in their own mess; you should always praise him for what you have asked of him.

Tip 1: Try putting some newspaper down when your dog happens to go. Where he has 'gone', move the paper closer to the backdoor or whichever door is closest to the back or front yard? It really has to do with patterns & scent - If you were taught from a little child to go to the toilet always on all fours & you knew nothing else, and then you would be still in the same pattern. OK, that might be going overboard & a little exaggerated but I think you get the drift.

Tip 2: Get into a pattern of getting your dog to go outside after they drink, sleep, eat, gets excited, goes for a walk. It is all about timing as well. These times are crucial when training your pup how to go to toilet. As soon as he finishes his drink, guide him outside to the toilet, constantly repeating the word 'toilet'. Sometimes you may have to wait for him to go but this is also crucial, don't ever give up, be patient & wait for him to go for you to be there to praise him.

Tip 3: Encourage them to go to the toilet in the area you want them to go by saying "toilet" & to be persistent, this is the key, BE PERSISTENT!

Tip 4: If they look like they are just about to go to the toilet, the only thing that has worked for me is to pick them up & say "outside Fido", then as soon as you put him down in your "preferable position", say again "go to the toilet" or "toilet Fido", as soon as he starts to go, praise him with all you have "good boy fido". This way he knows that going outside is a good thing & going inside is just not the place for him.

Tip 5: If they do happen to go inside, then whatever you do, don't hit or reprimand him. Always show him where the "preferable spot" is & praise him for going in this spot. Even give him treats once he has gone to toilet outside.

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