Puppy Training How To Effectively People Train Your Puppy

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Puppy Training How To Effectively People Train Your Puppy

by Martin L

One of the most difficult things to do is punish a cute cuddly dog, especially when it is a puppy. However, people training your dog when it is a little puppy is one of the most important things you can do. Training them when they are young will give them the time to learn right from wrong. They will also pick up on the training much quicker since their brains are still developing.

When you talk about people training a dog, there are a number of areas that come to mind. Jumping on people, biting people or growling at unfamiliar people are just a few of the things that you can train your dog to avoid. It can be difficult to decipher good growling from bad growling. For instance, most people welcome the idea of their dog barking at an intruder. If it is someone you know and invite in though, it is a different circumstance.

The best way to solve this is to people train your dog for everyone to begin with. After extensive training to get your puppy to stop barking and growling, then you can look further into training them to protect the house.

Although it is difficult to do, it is vital that you do not reward or encourage any sort of poor behavior when the dog is a little puppy. It may seem cute when they jump up on you as a puppy, but the second you show positive gestures or give them a treat for it is the time you are rewarding them for a bad behavior.

The easiest way to teach your puppy to not jump is to teach them to sit and stay. This way when a visitor comes to the door, you can command the dog to sit and stay. It is a natural instinct for the dog to get excited when a new person comes in and go wild, which is why it is important that you practice sitting and staying over and over.

It is equally important that you show your dominance over the puppy. Regardless of how cute the puppy may be, you have to make it known that you are the owner and have a say in things. When puppies believe they are dominant, they will grow into reckless and difficult pets to handle.

With this said, all of these training methods can be done while avoiding hitting the puppy or giving the puppy harsh reprimands. A simple no or a light tap on the nose to let them know what they did was wrong is sufficient. Abusing your puppy to get them to learn will only break them down and solve nothing.

People training your dog at a young age will help your puppy grow into a mature and friendly dog. It is also easier to do when they are a puppy because of how quickly they can learn things.

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