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Puppy Training Puppy House Training

by Rajiv Sahadevan

If you are a dog lover like me and have a new puppy at home, you know how anxious you could get. I love my puppy Ruff. He is a great partner for a walk and for a good time on the river banks. But training him was essential and I couldn?t afford to send him to the Puppy Training School Near where I stay. I also disliked the idea of my puppy being taken care of by someone else whom I don?t know and trust. With my previous experience of Pet trainers, beating up without reasons and training in the most unethical manner I keep out of the next door puppy training classes.

That?s when I started looking for Puppy House training classes. I wanted to learn how to keep Ruff under control. He was getting a bit aggressive about his boundaries and people he met. My Friends started keeping away from him as he growled at them when they were too near to him of me. I realized it soon and leashed him initially to avoid accidents. That wasn?t enough. I had to train him and allow him to be loved by others. I started off with Aggression training with Leash and then with reinforcement. It worked well but the time I spent with my puppy was immense. I had to spend at least 4-5 hours with my puppy , training him on a new chore every day and every single trick took me at least a week to get him understand. I was of course annoyed and started loosing my patience. But looking into my puppies eyes I could see that I had to do it and I continued.

I have spent at least 4-5 hours every day and trained my puppy to teach him the best mannerism, and control him over time. My Puppy training has enabled Ruff to keep his temper and also to control himself. It doesn?t matter if its potty training or Just aggressiveness, I can know it from Ruffs movements. Today if you had to do a Puppy house training for your puppies you could be spending only one or two hours a day. You can also get to be doing some real professional puppy house training using the tips and tricks you can gain from some of the best books online.

I learned most of my tricks on Puppy training from http://www.puppytodogtrainingtips.com. I recommend that you visit this website for more information.

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