Puppy Training 999 Reliable Method to Train Puppies Within Only About 10 Days

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Puppy Training 999 Reliable Method to Train Puppies Within Only About 10 Days

by Sally Hughes

The key to training puppies is all about supervision, a strict routine, consistency and lots of praise.

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Whenever your dog eats food, drinks water or gets a treat, you write down the time. Also, anytime something "comes out" (regardless if it is an accident or in the "right" place), you write down that time too.

When you bring your puppy home, make a point of taking him or her outside every hour on the hour, and additionally each time after a meal, a play session and a nap. Each time on the way out, you say: "do you have to go outside?" or "need to go pee or poo?" or whatever phrase feels natural.

Make sure to keep the same routine every single day. Start from waking up in the morning, to each meal, nap time and potty breaks. The more disciplined you are with this routine, the faster you will see results. Don't let up and don't skip a potty trip, even if it might be without results. Do not play during potty trips, but remind your puppy what the task at hand is - "get busy" or "go pee/poop" are good instructions. Bring along a treat your puppy loves, but keep it out of sight until the he or she has finished. Then praise enthusiastically after the "business" is finished, and give your puppy a treat. Make sure that you do not do this while your puppy is still peeing or pooping, or you might cause too much distraction.

After reviewing your notes from a few days, you will clearly see your puppy's schedule and slowly be able to eliminate some of the "extra" potty trips at times where you see they are unsuccessful.

When you are inside, always try to supervise your puppy. If you must, put a leash on and tie it to a belt loop of your pants. Attempt to make it a rule that when indoors your puppy is either under close supervision, or in its crate. This is very important and there should be no exceptions, ever - until you know your puppy is reliably doing his or her business outside. If you have to go to the bathroom and don't take the pup with you, pop him or her in the crate for the 5 minutes you can't supervise. If you receive a phone call that you know will take your attention away from your puppy for a while, say "Hello, can you hold on for one second?" and quickly put your puppy in the crate.

The less accidents you let happen, the faster your dog will be reliable indoors.

Crate training is highly recommended, even if you plan on letting the dog sleep on your bed (or some other designated spot) later on. Being familiar with spending time in a crate and behaving properly is one of the best things you can teach a dog, especially if you plan on taking him or her to lots of places.

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