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Puppy Training

by Eric Hartwell

There is no question that dog training is important, unless you are one person who enjoys cleaning up after your dog?s messes. However, knowing hat training is important doesn?t make the task any easier. To help keep things simple, here are a few answers to some of the most common dog training questions.

When is the best time to train your pet dog?

The best time for dog training is when he is still a puppy. At this stage, a dog learns a lot and more efficiently. The reason for this is that the dog?s brain, like humans, is still developing during the early years of its life and with this, almost anything you teach the young would be absorbed and carried to adulthood.

What are the basic things you need to teach your pup?

First thing?s first. Never beat your dog. Try to make the whole training process enjoyable for your dog. For instance if you are trying to make him do something, give your dog some form of treat or reward right away so as to strengthen any positive response. If you don?t get the response that you want, raise your voice a little bit and say either ?no? or ?bad dog? so that he would know that what he had done was wrong.

You should be consistent in your commands and demands. If you give different instructions and varying signals, your dog might be confused and would not know how to follow.

Discipline. You should always make sure that your pet does not cause harm to others. Train him to behave nicely especially when there are other people around. Teach him to sit or stay still instead of barking and jumping around whenever he sees other people. You must teach him to respect you and your visitors.

Avoid playing roughly with your pet because he might develop this habit and proceed to do this with every person he meets. This can be easily misunderstood as well as cause other people and your dog serious harm. Ultimately, you might want just to keep him on a leash so that if worse comes to worst, he couldn?t misbehave.

Specific tasks. You can also teach your puppy some specific tasks which would be helpful. The sit command is simple. How complex can telling your dog to ?Sit!? be? It is more difficult to make your dog follow, however, so it is important that you make him feel he will get something for following you. Teach him to associate dog treats with the word ?Sit!? and he?ll be sitting at your command in no time.

To establish the association with your command, place the treat above his head (anywhere visible to him but still out of his reach). Say the magic word (you know, Sit!), push his flanks down gently so he will be forced to sit down. Once he?s seated, give him a nice pat, compliment him with a ?Good dog!? and give him his treat. Do this over and over again until such time when you wouldn?t need to push him down so he would sit down.

There are a lot of other tasks you could teach your puppy like ?Stop whining,? ?Stop chewing?, ?Lie down,? etc. As has been said earlier, the most important thing is to recognize your pet dog?s efforts by giving him a reward for every accomplishment. Do this and your puppy would be trained in no time.

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