Purebred Dog AdoptionCosts Benefits and Considerations

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Purebred Dog AdoptionCosts Benefits and Considerations

by Kate Garvey

The ?Bad News??many people purchase animals without considering the long term requirements of proper pet care, the ?Good News??this creates an opportunity for you to purchase a purebred dog at a fraction of the cost. Breed specific rescue organization, which are privately funded, have grown in recent years. There are many types and varieties of purebred dogs available for adoption. There are several advantages to adopting a purebred dog; costs, developed personalities, free expert advice on the breed, reduced medical costs, and a free turn in policy (If for any reason the adoption does not work, the animal may be returned to the shelter). The disadvantages are that with some breeds you may need to travel long distance to meet and adopt your new pet, you may be subject to a rigorous background or criminal check, some of the animals turned into rescue sites have been abused or neglected and require patience and training, and you may not be able to obtain they type of purebred or age desired. Most likely though, you will be sadly amazed to see how many excellent purebred pets are available for adoption.

The cost of purebred dog adoption varies dependent on the breed and age. Shar-Pei and Golden Retrievers typically cost about $250 to adopt but if the animal is over 8 years of age the cost may be as little as $150. This is quit a bargain considering most often these dogs originally sold for $250-$500, have had $300-$500 worth of medical care including shots and testing, and adult pets are already spayed or neutered. Other financial benefits may include free breed specific information and training tips, and an optional free membership into the breed rescue organization, or a free subscription to the organizations newsletter.

If you are thinking about adopting a specific breed the first step is to determine if the breed you are drawn to matches your lifestyle. Do some research on line or at the library to make sure the needs of the new pet will be compatible with your lifestyle. Once you?ve determined which breed will be well suited to your home and lifestyle search on-line for a rescue site in your area. For example, let?s say you want to adopt a poodle and you live in Houston, TX. In your web browser, type ?Poodle Rescue Organizations in Houston, Texas?. You can also search by state. Most organizations have clear information on their website about the adoption process, policies, breed tendencies, and costs. Some have pictures of animals available for adoption.

When you decide on a specific possible pet, ask specific questions about its history and personality. The personality of an animal is more important than it?s past. Many animals with horrific pasts make excellent pets, provided you are willing to be patient, establish and maintain routines for the animal, and provide training if needed. Remember animals are sentient beings with emotions and pain receptors. Please consider the long term care of the pet, the breed specific needs, and whether the needs of the animal will negatively affect your lifestyle, before you adopt or purchase an animal. In the long run it is better for you and the animal to wait for the right match.

Kate Garvey provides ghost writing and professional writing services to individuals and business. She is a business entrepreneur and former vet tech. She is the author of "The Low Risk Guide to Real Estate Investment" and "Aging, Death and Euthanasia-A Guide for People with Pets". Kate provides free pet care articles, information and links on her website http://www.kategarvey.net

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