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Quit Nipping Me Pup

by Jason Beachy

When you first obtain your puppy you will notice that he has an instinct to bite and chew on most everything. This is only natural. Here is where you come in. You will have to set guidelines on what is acceptable to chew and gnaw upon and what is not. You will have to be firm here. Puppies milk teeth are very sharp and the larger breeds when they grow up can have a bone crushing bite and can cause serious injury to individuals.

You will find that even a docile, calm dog can get excited when rough housing and playing. If you will let him chew and mouth you with his teeth you will find that this can advance to a painful bite in moments. If you puppy nips you then you will have to tell him "NO!" If he continues, repeat the command and use force to make him quit by holding him by the collar.

Do not do anything that will distract him that will disassociate his biting with the "NO" command. If you hold his mouth shut you will frustrate him and he will lose the connection between the nipping and your command while trying to get free from you grasp. If he continues you are better off by grasping him by the collar and shaking him. After that if he dosn't quit you can put him in his crate and give him a time out.

This is a very effective form of punishment. They will not end up hating their crate. Don't you remember when you were a kid and were sent to your room. I'm sure you didn't end up hating your room. If your dog understands the connection between his misbehaving and your punishment he will accept his discipline. Be sure that he understands why he is being punished so he will know how to avoid your discipline for his misdemeanor in the future.

Make sure you are clear in what you are admonishing him for. He must understand that you have disciplined him three times and that he continued his mischief and now you will quit your play time with him. Correct your puppy fairly and he will continue to love and respect you. Healthy and well loved puppies will not hate you for taking your leadership role to teach and train them.

In your training you will not be using his crate as a den or a bedroom. You will be using it as a method of correction and as a method of prevention in your dog problems training. The crate will be his house or domain within your house. Using his crate as a punishment for him will teach him that he can not behave in certain ways in your house. On the other hand his crate is his house and you will leave him alone when he is in his house. This will be his domain when he wants peace and rest and to get away from everyone.

You will want to keep his door open on his crate and keep his house accessible for him. Keep it clean and washed out and make sure that their is no hair accumulation in the crate. When you clean up your house make sure that you put his toys back in his crate. This will help him understand and make the connection that this is your house and that he has his house. This will give him a positive message about having his own house and will make him feel special.

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