Rather than Dog Blaming or Puppy Shaming Try Dog Training

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Rather than Dog Blaming or Puppy Shaming Try Dog Training

by Aidan Bindoff

How often do you find yourself saying "No!" or "Bad Dog!" to your dog or puppy? Let's face it, if it was working for you you wouldn't find yourself doing it more than once or twice. So how do we go from being a "Dog Blamer and Shamer" to a "Dog Trainer"? Read this article to find out how!

You know what they say - "insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results". Logically, the solution is to try something different. How about we start saying "Yes!" instead of "No!"?


"But how will my dog know when he's done something wrong? How will I stop him doing something wrong?" - the logical person may rightly ask.

He won't know, and you won't need to stop him. Up until now he didn't know what you wanted him to do instead of chewing the furniture, jumping on your guests, and stealing your laundry.

By continuing to say "No!" we limit the range of things we can say "Yes!" to.

The 100 Yeses Game

(Clicker Trainers may substitute a click for "Yes!")

Count out 100 small and yummy treats. Play this game throughout the day, but not immediately after meals. Remember not to feed as much dinner, with 100 treats in your dog's tummy he won't need as much dinner.

Have the treats in a plastic bag inside your pocket.

Throughout the day, watch your dog or puppy and try to catch him or her doing something you like. Immediately mark this good behaviour by saying "Yes!" and giving one of the treats.

It's that simple. By the end of the day (or sooner) you should be completely out of treats.

What does this teach? Firstly, it teaches pup that certain behaviors will be rewarded. In your mind they are "good" behaviors, but pup doesn't need to know about good or bad, pup just wants to know which ones are more likely to earn him praise and reward.

Secondly, it trains you to keep an eye out for good behavior and to praise and reward it. It's a win-win situation, have fun!

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Aidan Bindoff is Editor of Positive Petzine, a free ezine for people training their own dog and looking for the latest information to make dog training fun and rewarding for both dog and owner.

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