Removing Puppy Odor From Carpet

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Removing Puppy Odor From Carpet

by James C

If you have ever had a puppy you know that they will probably at some point leave their mark on your carpets. If you have gone through puppy training, this article will give you some tips on removing stubborn dog urine odor from your carpets.

For step one you will need some terry cloth towels, a spray bottle and white distilled vinegar. Mix a solution of 1/3 vinegar to 2/3 water in the spray bottle. Now spray the spot with the solution. Spray just enough to lightly soak the carpet but not so much that you soak the pad underneath. Let the vinegar solution sit for a few seconds and then blot it up with your towel. Repeat this process until no more puppy urine soaks into the towel. When you are done, place a towel on the spot and put a weight on top of it. This will allow any remaining liquid to wick out of the carpet. Replace the towel if it becomes saturated. Let your carpet completely dry before doing anything else.

Once the carpet is dry you can access the situation further. Hopefully the odor is now gone from your carpet. If it is not you will need to use more drastic measures. For this step you will need a small bucket, an enzyme cleaner (available at most pet stores) and some plastic rap. Mix up the enzyme solution in the bucket per the directions. Now saturate the spot where the dog urine is. You will need to completely soak the area so that the solution reached the padding. Now place the plastic wrap over the spot so that the area remains wet. It will have to stay wet for 24 to 48 hours to give the enzyme time to work. When you are done, let the carpet dry. You may need to use your vinegar solution to clean up any water marks that may have formed. Wait for the carpet to completely dry and you can once again access the situation.

All but the most sever urine odors should be taken care of with step two. If you still have an odor problem you will have to go to an even more drastic step. you will need to have the carpet pulled back and the padding replace. You will then want the front and back of the carpet cleaned and the sub floor sealed. This is best left to a professional unless you have done this type of work before. If this fails to remove the odor, the only other step is to completely replace the carpet.

Hopefully this article has helped you deal with your pet odor problem. If it sounds like a lot of work you might want to consult a local carpet cleaner. They can offer odor removal services at reasonable prices. Good luck.

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