Resolving Your Dog Jumping Behavior

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Resolving Your Dog Jumping Behavior

by Leo Enoch

There are causes why Dog Jumps on you, some of which are partly instinctive of its behavior.

Dogs Jump on people for common reason like as a way of greeting you, as a sign of over excitement or joy at seeing you. Other than that, one reason that is less likely to be, which is to established his place of dominance.

Most often or not this behavior is encouraged and reinforced by proud owner who immediately responded by praising and petting the dog after getting ?jumped? by their dog even when their dog is still very young

Well it might be fun to have a little puppy jumps on you, however as they grow bigger, this can be quite a problematic issue for the owners and the people whom get jumped upon by the dog.

Beside it can be very disturbing, a big dog can be dangerous to children or older people by jumping on them and this can be a very unhappy ending for the owner as it might cause him a lot of unnecessary lawsuits.

It is important to teach dog not to jump even when they are still a puppy and easy to handle.

To overcome this Behavior Problems, here are some things you can do;

1. Your Dog wants your attention, stop giving him the attention, which means stop rewarding and praising him when he start to jump on you, instead be firm and told him to sit and only praise and reward him when he is sitting.

2. When your dog greets you, squat down so that your face is on eye level with your dog. In this way your dog does not need to jump to greet you.

3. Be Consistent in your own behavior towards the dog. Do not allow him to jump on you even during play time because your dog will continue to jump at all other time.

4. If your dog is jumping because he is trying to find his position in the pack, then you should train him to know that he placed the last in the family.

This type of jump is more categorised as dominance aggression. Normally the dog will jump on everyone in the family at any time during the day as he is trying to establish his ranks in the pack. You should make it clear to him, his rank in the family by not allowing him to eat first, by making him the last in everything you do. Soon enough he will know that he comes in the last in the family.

5. Consistent Dog Training is important to change almost all kind of behavior problem.

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